The Sele School


We are delighted to launch a new initiative for our website, highlighting stories from our former students about their time at The Sele School and their careers, hobbies and achievements after leaving the school. 

To find your old friends and school mates click here:

Alumni of the 1970's - Wendy Shorter Blake MBE (left 1973)

Alumni of the 1980's - Jane Goodson (left 1983), Andrew Philpott (left 1988), Mark Playle (left 1985)

Alumni of the 2000's - Alex Pugsley (left 2005), Dr Emma Lui (left 2007), Claudia Ferlisi (left 2007) and Michael Adams (left 2007)

Alumni of the 2010's - Clare Adams (left 2010), Maria Wilkie (left 2012), Fiona Nicholson (left 2013), Carmelo Viviani (left 2016), Zoe Martin (left 2017), Will Pearce (left 2018), Cedar Rose Johnson (left 2019), Jacob Collins (left 2019), Gemma Caruana (left 2019) and Jordan Russell (left 2019)

If you are a former Sele student and have an interesting, inspiring or unusual story to tell about your career after school and like to appear on this page, please contact Sophie   

 A brilliant photo display from Clare Adams - go to 'Alumni of the 2010's' to catch up with her story