The Sele School

Covid - Standard Operating Procedures 2021 - 2022

The Sele Academy Covid Guidance 

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the health and safety measures undertaken by the Sele Academy who have a legal duty of care to ensure all employees at Sele are working in an adapted environment in response to the Covid virus. The SOP has been developed on the basis of the school Risk Assessment.

This guidance is subject to change to reflect the context and situation at any given time. Please note that students and staff will self isolate only if they test positive or have symptoms.

As a school, PPE equipment will always be available to staff and students free of charge.

Tests can be booked online through the NHS website 

Direct link is 

Operational matters 

There are three sections outlining the conditions by which we operate within the school to minimise the risk of CV19 spreading: Visitors, Students, Staff

If you test positive on a lateral flow device (LFD), you must isolate immediately, and a PCR test must be booked. Report the positive LFD to school (and to the website) and once the result of the PCR is received, also report this to the school, these results should be sent to

Continue to self-isolate until the result of the PCR test is received. Follow the advice given when you get the result.

Information regarding tests and isolation can be found on the Government website  

Due to the emergence of the Omicron strand, we have added three stages to mitigate against the spread of the new variant.

 Section 1: Visitors 

***The school is closed to all visitors except for professionals who have been requested by the school.

  • Prior to arrival, we request all visitors to complete a Lateral Flow Device Test the night before they arrive to ensure they are negative. Where possible, meetings should be held over the phone or via teams and not on site
  • During the school day, visitors can only come onto school site by appointment; Visitor is defined as any person who is not directly employed to work at Sele School or attends as a student at Sele School; for example, contractors, government workers, parents etc.

NOTE: (the example provided does not reflect the full spectrum of the definition but provides clear examples of who would be defined as a visitor)

  • All visitors must sign in leaving their phone number and will be required to wear a face covering for the duration of their stay, when indoors
  • Where a face to face meeting is required, the meeting must be held in a space where we can exercise social distancing (2 meters) and be ventilated (open windows). All attendees must wear a face covering
  • All visitors are to sanitise their hands upon arrival and exit from the building
  • All visitors will be subjected to the safeguarding policy and procedures
  • All visitors must wear their badge at all times 

Section 2: Students 

  • Students will move between lessons by sticking to the left hand side of any corridor
  • Students will stick to the left hand side when moving up the stairs. Conversely, when moving down the stairs they will stick to the left hand side to avoid clashing or crossing over the path of others
  • Students will report to the designated social zones
  • Students will adhere to the seating plan designed by the teacher
  • Students will come into school in PE kit on the day(s) they have PE timetabled
  • Normal school hours are in operation
  • Students will use their designated Key Stage toilets
  • Lockers and changing rooms will not be in use
  • Unless they have exemption, students are required to wear a face covering when they are in-doors and when using public transport
  • All students are expected to wash their hands or sanitise regularly
  • Assemblies will be in year groups with no whole school assembly until further notice
  • All students who have had close contact with a positive case must undertake, at home, LFD tests for ten days. If the LFD test is positive or inconclusive, students must stay at home and book a PCR test. Please send a photo of any positive results to

We do NOT require you to send in negative LFD results to school; we do require proof of negative and positive PCR tests.  Refusal to comply with these measures will mean students cannot come onto site

  • If a student is suspected or has been in close contact with the Omicron Virus, they will be required to self-isolate for ten days.

Section 3: Staff 

  • All staff are expected to complete a LFD test twice a week and only report a positive result. Staff who test positive must then book a PCR test
  • If a staff member has had close contact with a positive case, they are to attend work and test daily for seven days. If double vaccinated then there is no requirement to self-Isolate but they would be advised to take a PCR test
  • All classrooms must have their windows open at all times
  • Doors are to be left open whenever it is feasibly possible
  • All staff should aim to social distance (2 meters or more where possible) when they hold meetings, in a room that can be ventilated
  • All staff are expected to wear a face covering indoors and when they are moving around the school building
  • All briefings will be held in the hall and all staff must wear a face covering
  • Staff are allowed to remove the face covering when they are teaching or for PE
  • All staff are expected to social distance whenever possible
  • If a staff member is suspected or has been in close contact with the Omicron Virus, they will be required to self-isolate for ten days.