The Sele School

Art, Design and Technology

The Art, Design and Technology faculty is the creative hub of the school that provides students’ with the opportunities needed to express and develop their creativity.  We have a number of well-equipped specialist rooms, alongside professional equipment which includes a laser cutter machine, 3D printer and studio lighting. Thus combining and promoting the use of traditional, hand crafted techniques and contemporary, machine based techniques.

Students are given the chance to explore and work with a range of media and materials as well working with software in computer aided design. We encourage independent study as well as risk taking, to ensure that our students’ feel confident to explore a range of materials and techniques, as well as problem solving, in order to produce high quality designs and final outcomes.

We run a number of enrichment activities through trips and extra-curricular clubs, which are used to develop students’ interest and understanding of the wider, working context of Art, Design and Technology and the cultural contexts in which they exist..

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 Technology students rotate every ten weeks to experience a different media and material area, working with a broad range of processes. In Art classes they remain with the same teacher throughout the year.

Design and Technology incorporates Food, Product Design, Textiles, Graphics, Perspective drawing and Computer Aided Design.

Art incorporates drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, ceramics, photography and model making as well as studying art movements and artists. 

Throughout Key Stage 3 students are taught the importance of self-expression and problem solving so they can combine both their designing and making skills with the knowledge and understanding needed to produce inspirational, practical and expressive final outcomes.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students can opt to take a GCSE in Art, Design and Technology, Product Design and Photography. In Food we offer a vocational course in hospitality and catering.   

The Food, Product Design, Photography and Art courses followed are set by the AQA exam board and the Construction course is a Level 1 BTEC course. A strong emphasis is placed on the working properties of materials as well as experimenting and developing with media and materials to produce inspirational and personal final outcomes. The assessment is based on both coursework projects and a final exam.

Key Stage 5

In the Sixth Form, students are able to continue their creative awareness in Product Design, Fine Art and Photography. We also run a well established Health and Social Care course. 

All courses are followed by the AQA exam board and are assessed through both coursework projects and a final exam. A strong emphasis is based upon students’ ability to independently research and experiment with media and materials to produce a personal final outcome. 

Many of our Key Stage 5 students go on to study Art, Design and Technology related subjects at university and develop successful careers in these fields.

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