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We believe that English is a hugely important subject and allows students to develop skills in reading, writing and oracy, as well as instilling a lifelong love of reading and literature. 

The ethos of English teaching here is that students should enjoy their learning, that they should want to talk about their learning and that they should be more confident readers, writers and speakers.  

We hope that you will enjoy our video about the work of the English Department and read on for further details of teaching and learning in this area of the curriculum.

At the Sele School we study the AQA Course in English Language and Literature at GCSE.  Our work at Key Stage 3 is designed to allow students to be ready to access this work at KS4.  We currently use the OCR specification for English Literature at A Level.  

Key Stage 3 

Time will be given to ensure that students engage independently with their own private reading to include a range of both fiction and non-fiction.  They study a wide breadth of topics, forms and genres, ranging from traditional texts from the literary heritage to contemporary fiction, drama and poetry.  There are two Shakespeare texts studied which teachers choose based on their interests and the strengths of their classes.  Students are also given opportunities to write at length both creatively and analytically in order to develop the literacy skills demanded in GCSE and beyond. 

Further information can be found by following the links below

Year 7 English

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Key Stage 4 

Students follow the AQA course for the GCSE qualifications in Language and Literature.  For the Literature exam, they study the Power and Conflict cluster of poetry supplied by AQA, as well as 'A Christmas Carol', 'Blood Brothers' and 'Macbeth'.  For the Language exam, they study a breadth of fiction and non-fiction texts and will practise writing in different forms for different audiences and purposes. There is no coursework component for these qualifications.  Students also need to take a separate Speaking exam in order to be able to achieve a grade for English Language. 

A GCSE English Revision Guide and Workbook are available to purchase. You may also find it helpful to refer to Key Stage 4 English.   

Key Stage 5 

The teachers in the Faculty share a passion for English Literature and this is reflected in the A level course which sees students reading and studying literature ranging from Jacobean Tragedy to contemporary American Fiction.  Students are taught to develop a critical and personal voice when discussing Literature and are encouraged to read independently to widen their exposure to a range of challenging texts.  There is a coursework component which is worth 20% of the qualification, followed by two written examinations.