At The Sele School we consider homework to be an invaluable learning tool which consolidates, extends and deepens knowledge.  It allows students to grow as independent learners and is part of the process of them becoming responsible for their own progress.

Valuable homework can take a variety of forms, from research tasks that allow students to either prepare for lessons or deepen their understanding of a topic, to learning through recitation and repeating, to answering questions.  Many different types of homework and ways of handing it in are used in order to help students continue their learning outside the classroom.

Homework will be posted onto ‘ShowMyHomework’ and students should make an effort to check this daily; this will provide information on the task set, as well as when and how it should be handed in.  Homework will also be recorded in student planners. 

We consider it vital that parents are engaged in the learning that takes place at home.  We therefore ask that parents check planners at least once a week and raise any concerns through this mechanism. 

It is also useful to check the homework students have been set and to talk through this with them.  We would also encourage parents to look back at the homework once it has been marked and returned to students, so that a discussion can be had around their progress. 

If students would prefer then there is the option to complete their homework in Homework Club which runs every day for an hour after school.

More information can be found in The Sele School Homework Policy, please follow the link for full details. There is also additional detailed guidance available in the Presentation Guidance and Marking Guidance, which can be found by following the links.