Year 11 Leavers Day and Assembly

Year 11 students should arrive in school at 1.00pm and meet in the hall, in full school uniform - for the last time!  Students will be able to return all relevant books to their subject teachers, orange leavers’ forms should be signed and locker keys returned to Mrs Newby.

There will be a short assembly for farewells and students will be able to sign shirts, after which there will be a light buffet, which should finish by 3.10pm.

We hope that our students will attend to say their final goodbyes to staff and to each other.  Leavers’ Day is a celebration of their time at The Sele School and only students who have completed Year 11 will be permitted to attend.  If any of our students are unable to attend Leavers Day, they should ensure that all text books, completed leavers’ forms and locker keys are returned to the school before 28 June 2019.