The Sele School

Examination Survival and Stationery Guide

Information that you will need in preparation for and during your examinations. Details of the Examination Boards, planning your study for best results and the equipment you will need for your examinations can be found below.

The Sele School Examinations Policy can be found on the by going to the 'Sele A to Z' tab and clicking on our Examinations page. Additional policies referred to in the Examinations Policy can be obtained on request from the Examinations Officer, Mrs Savage.  

For some Top Tips for Students from Pearson Edexcel please click on the link.

Examination Survival Guide

  1. Give yourself enough time to study
  2. Organise your study space
  3. Organise study groups with friends
  4. Attend Booster Sessions
  5. Checkout Examination Board study tips
  6. Use all resources: books, internet, flow charts, diagrams, prompt cards and old       examination papers
  7. Take regular breaks
  8. Snack on ‘brain food’
  9. Drink plenty of water
  10. Plan your examination day and give yourself plenty of time

Stationery for Examinations

Please make sure that for every examination you bring a clear, transparent pencil case containing the following:

Several Black Ballpoint Pens

HB Pencil




For Maths and Science Examinations the following is also needed:

Maths Set

Scientific Calculator – Any stored data must be cleared before taking into the Examination Room.

Students are allowed to bring a bottle of water into exams but all labels must be removed before hand. Juice and fizzy drinks are not permitted.

If your child has any medical needs please discuss this beforehand with Mrs Savage, Examinations Officer.