House System

At The Sele School, students are members of one of three Houses; Bayley, Castle and Shire, all competing for the House Trophy.                                          

The House system aims to provide a wide range of competitive activities that promote enjoyable student participation; increasing learning through experience whilst offering leadership, teamwork and organisational opportunities.


  • To provide an enjoyable competitive programme of events over the school year culminating in the annual award of the House Trophy to the Champion House.
  • To develop teamwork and learning through experience.
  • To develop individual and collective commitment.
  • To promote leadership opportunities.

Examples of House Events

  •  House Music
  • Sele’s Got Talent – with Dance, Drama and Music
  • House Rugby
  • House Football
  • House Netball
  • Sports Day
  • Creative Writing
  • House Photography
  • House Chess - Humanities
  • House Science
  • House Multiplication – weekly 100 challenge - Maths