The Sele School


School meals at The Sele School are provided by Hertfordshire Catering Limited, a fresh food organisation, which uses only high quality ingredients with assured provenance. With a strong commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, Hertfordshire Catering's policy is to use fresh, locally sourced ingredients, this reduces fuel consumption and supports local producers while also providing the freshest, healthiest and tastiest food for students.

Fruits and vegetables are locally grown Red Tractor accredited produce, meat is sourced from local butchers using British-reared stock and fish is caught in sustainable waters certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Chefs are encouraged to use cooking methods which retain flavour and nutrients to the greatest possible extent; all foods are nut free and staff are trained in the provision of special diets, should these be required. 

Hertfordshire Catering Limited have complete control over every meal they produce and ensure that guidelines for reduction of salt, sugar and saturated fats are always met. They provide a mixture of traditional meals alongside a choice of foods from around the world, giving students the widest range of delicious and healthy taste sensations.

As an active member of LACA (Local Authority Catering Association) Hertfordshire Catering Ltd has links to key organisations such as DEFRA, the Soil Association, Healthy Schools and the Children's Food Trust.    

Please click on the link to go to our Student Health and Wellbeing page, where more information about our Healthy Eating Strategy can be found. Or use this link to access details of our Lunch Menu. 

Please note that there may be variations in the Menus from time to time. Our catering staff always try to base the Menus on seasonally available, fresh, local produce.