The Sele School

School Opening Hours

The timetable below is the standard school day. The total time per week for compulsory attendance is 32.5 hours.    

Monday to Friday    
School Doors Open and Breakfast  8.00
To be on time for registration: arrive no later than 8.35
Registration and Form Time 8.40 9.05
Lesson 1 9.05 9.55
Lesson 2 9.55 10.45
Break 10.45 11.15
Lesson 3 11.15 12.05
Lesson 4 12.05 12.55
Lunch break 12.55 13.35
Monday to Thursday     
Lesson 5 13.35 14.25
Lesson 6 14.25 15.15

Enrichment Activities 

Note: Finish time may vary depending on the enrichment activity

13.35 14.45

At certain times of the school year minor changes to the arrangement of the school day may be necessary; for example during part of the Summer Term the lunch break may be altered to accommodate the timing of examinations. Such changes do not affect the start or finish time of the school day.