The Sele School

School Council

The School council consists of a number of students representing all year groups and is managed by the Deputy Headteacher and the Heads of the Sub-Committees. The Sub- Committees are Inclusion and Diversity, Quality of Education, Safeguarding and Environment; each member of the School Council belongs to one of the Committees.

Each of the Committees has an appointed Chair and Secretary with defined roles to ensure the Committee delivers its purpose. The Chair of the Committee is responsible for ensuring the meetings remain focused, everyone has a voice and actions are agreed. The Secretary is responsible for accurate recording of Minutes and distribution to the Committee members. 

All representatives act as role models to the school community; as such, behaviour needs to be exemplary and to set an example to all of our students. Any behaviour that impacts on the ability of representatives to act as a role model for the rest of the school can result in loss of position. 
The School Council meets regularly and can request the presence of different staff members to help them fulfil their purpose. Committees present their ideas to the Senior Leadership Team where appropriate to ensure support for any proposals or projects and Committees can request access to funds to deliver their proposals. The School Council will update the school community each term on the progress they have made on issues that are relevant to the students.