Sele School Governors

The Full Governing Body

The Full Governing Body is responsible for ensuring The Sele School provides high quality learning and teaching in a supportive and caring environment to develop the potential of each learner. Its responsibilities are to monitor and promote to the highest standard the following:

  • Progress and achievement for all pupils at the school
  • Quality of teaching and learning at the school
  • Behaviour and safety within the school and, where practicable, the local area.
  • Quality of leadership and management of the school.

Additionally the Full Governing Body is also responsible for:

  •  Meeting all statutory requirements applicable to both staff, as an employer, and students
  • Promoting the spiritual moral and cultural development of pupils.
  • Ensuring equality for all; including those with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Committees and Faculty Links

As well as attending meetings of the Full Governing Body some Governors attend meetings of the Business Management Committee and Governors also meet with members of the Faculties within the school. Details of membership of the Business Management Committee, Faculty Links and links to specific areas of interest in the development of the school can be found on the 'Current Governors' page. 

The Business Management Committee

To assist the decision making of the Governing Body, by enabling more detailed consideration to be given to the best means of fulfilling the Governing Body’s responsibility to ensure sound management of the academy’s personnel, finances (including acting as Audit Committee), resources and assets including proper planning, monitoring and probity.

To make appropriate comments and recommendations on relevant matters, to the Governing Body, on a regular basis.

Major issues will be referred to the Governing Body for ratification.

Members of the Governing Body 

Members of the Governing Body come from all walks of life and bring with them a wide range of skills and experience from fields such as:

  • The local Council
  • Local Businesses
  • The Criminal Justice System
  • Children's Services
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Education
  • The Civil Legal System
  • Administration

The Governing Body is composed of seven Community Governors, five Parent Governors and three Staff Governors (including the Headteacher). Parent Governors are elected to the Governing Body by other parents of the school, while Community Governors are people who live or work locally and who are known to have an interest in education and the development of the area.

There are no Associate Members of The Sele School Governing Body. Members of the Senior Leadership Team attend Full Governors and Committee Meetings as required but do not have voting rights.   

If you have any questions about the Sele School Governing Body please contact the Clerk to the Governors