The Sele School

Welcome to the Sixth Form

Hello, I’m Jane Lee, Head of Sixth Form. Here at The Sele School we aim to provide educational excellence within a hard working supportive, professional environment where students thrive, where they are valued and empowered to take leadership roles and where they will make positive and effective contributions to our school community. We have a senior student team comprising of Head and Deputy Head positions and all 6th Formers are members of committees that have responsibilities relating to 6th Form provision. Our 6th Formers also have support roles for lower school such as mentoring and running homework support surgeries.

The professional ethos of the Sixth Form requires our students to look smart, that is, to represent our organisation as young working professionals that embody the work focused approach of our Sixth Form. Therefore we have a dress code that replicates the modern city working professional.

At The Sele School, we have Sixth Form provision where students are taught by our excellent teaching staff. We have a Sixth Form block with dedicated study rooms, our own ICT suite with the new computers as well as a Common Room and a kitchen with food and drink making facilities.


In the Sixth Form, the students have to step up academically to advanced studies which mean it requires them to have more focus and commitment to their studies. Sixth Form is not an easy option, therefore, in The Sele Sixth Form we have put structures in place that support our students so that they will thrive and be successful. In order to secure a place in our Sixth Form you will need to secure 5 strong passes at GCSE. Most subjects you wish to study at Advanced Level require a Grade 6 at GCSE in that subject, with Mathematics requiring a Grade 7. The particular details for each subject are available under the prospectus tab.

The Sele Sixth Form has a highly skilled, experienced, supportive and dedicated team of tutors and teachers who work with the students to secure their best outcomes. Our size benefits students enormously through a personalised pastoral and teaching support system. We have dedicated Key Stage 5 tutors and a structured form time every morning for all sixth formers. These form times cover Work, Volunteering, Careers, University, Money, Current Affairs, Committees, Mentoring and Assemblies so that our students receive advice and support about issues affecting them.

Other pages cover aspects of the Sixth Form in more detail - please take a look.