The Sele School

Summer School 2021

Summer School at The Sele School from Monday 26th to 30th July 2021

Summer school was offered to all of the prospective students due to start in September 2021. We offered 350 places during the week, 135 places of which were for Pupil Premium students. The response to the week was incredibly positive and 322 places were taken, of which 85 were Pupil Premium. 


We provided all students with a snack and lunch daily. All of which was prepared onsite and followed a healthy eating plan. One Lunch was a celebration lunch and students choose Pizza as a reward. Students had to use numeracy and literacy skills daily by choosing items from a lunch check list. 

Daily Routine 9.00am - 3.00pm

Each day started with an Assembly and introduction to those days' activities. Students throughout the week had opportunities for team building, orienteering, working with 6th form students, and meeting teaching staff. Break and lunchtime followed a time scale representative of the school day to enable students to feel secure about their transition in September.

Lessons and Activities

These were delivered by staff and external providers. The week offered students the opportunity to take part in lessons similar, to their current timetable, Music, Science, It, Food Tech, Art, and Reading Lessons.


They spent a day with the Young Film Academy creating, directing and performing in their own films. The Happy Puzzle Company brought logic and reason into their activities, which students were totally challenged by, but loved.

There was also an opportunity to experience learning through a cultural journey, through dance, sport and music. From African drumming to Brazilian Martial Arts and Dance, students who had missed going on school trips during the pandemic had the world come to them.

The week ended with students inviting their parents into school for an assembly and an opportunity to sample all the food they had baked during their food tech lesson.

Summer School Funding and Expenditure Analysis 

The Sele school received funding of £19,398.24 from the Department for Education to host this year’s Summer school and this funding was spent on the delivery of the event as follows:

Type of Expense Total Value (£) Description
School Staff 9,931.53 Payroll Expenses
External Service Providers 5,095.00 Includes Science, Maths, Dance and Film Study Challenges
Books 537.00 Fiction Text to support English Studies
School Lesson Provisions 1,505.75 Incudes Art, Food Technology and Physical Education materials and equipment
Food Provisions 852.97 Food provisions for students and staff
Merchandise 1,475.99 School branded merchandise for students to use and keep
Total 19,398.24