Vital Information for Learning during the CV-19 Emergency

Bus Travel to school a message from HCC 

The Sele School and Hertfordshire County Council have been working with public and private transport providers to ensure travel to school is as safe as possible for children and young people. All government and public health guidance is being followed. To reduce travel disruption and congestion around the school please read the official guidance at

Bus Travel to school - a message from Arriva Buses

We have been asked to draw the following information, which we received from Arriva buses on Tuesday 9 March 2021, to the attention of our students and their parents and carers. 

As Schools and Colleges begin to reopen, we know it is important for parents to know how to get them to school safely.  

Please rest assured that all our buses are Covid-19 secure and undergo enhanced touchpoint cleaning each day.  Good ventilation of fresh air is also ensured by keeping windows open wherever possible. 

To help reduce the amount of physical contact between pupils and drivers, we are asking pupils to only use contactless payment or pre- purchase tickets via the Arriva UK Bus app. Cash will only be accepted as a form of payment in exceptional circumstances and where the correct fare can be paid, our drivers will not be able to provide change at this time. 

A reminder on bus travel that are operating slightly differently, details of which are outlined below: 

1.       We will have buses reserved for school, sixth form and college pupils only, the route number for these services will begin with an “S”.  Pupils from any year group and from any school or college located on the route can travel on these buses.  If pupils from your school do need to travel on the same bus as those from another school, we are asking them to sit with those from their own school, ideally from their own year group.  Where possible we are asking pupils to maintain social distancing, although capacity on these buses will be increased allowing students to sit next to each other and standing if necessary. The seats behind the driver and any facing each other will be marked off and should not be used. Government guidance is that all pupils over the age of 11 must wear a face covering, exemptions apply. We encourage pupils to also carry hand sanitiser with them and use it before getting on and off the bus wherever possible. 

2.       To help increase capacity, we will be adding in additional journeys on certain services and in some cases, we will be running two buses at the same time so that both those travelling to and from school or college and keyworkers travelling to and from work can do so safely. Some buses running will be supplied by the local authority and will not look like an Arriva bus. As per government guidelines, social distancing will be required on these services and is clearly marked out onboard. All those over 11 must wear a face covering, exemptions apply. 

If the route your pupils usually travel on does not begin with an “S” it means that there is no dedicated school bus. They can still use this normal service to travel to school or college, and we have ensured there is plenty of capacity on these services. As per government guidelines, social distancing will be required on these services and is clearly marked out onboard. All those over 11 must wear a face covering, exemptions apply. 

I have attached a PDF document that outlines the details of what is happening in your area and would be grateful if you could share this information with your pupils and parents.  

Full timetable details can be found in the Arriva UK Bus app which is free to download from the app store or by following this link to the timetable. 

All back to school - an important reminder

Please note that any positive CV-19 test results from students or their family members must be sent to Mrs Adams so a log of numbers can be maintained. Please contact to report any positive tests. 

School Day - during lockdown and remote learning

The timing of the school day remains unchanged, with 1 hour lessons running as normal:

Period 1 from 9am to 10am,

Period 2 from 10am to 11am followed by break until 11.25am.

Period 3 from 11.25am to 12.25pm,

Period 4 from 12.25pm to 1.25pm followed by lunch until 2pm.

Period 5 from 2pm to 3pm.

Accessing your lessons

Whilst we are going through this period of on-line learning, students should be aware that along with accessing lessons via a tablet, phone or computer, they can also use an X-Box or PlayStation console to join a lesson. Details of how to do this can be found on the ‘Learning during the CV-19 Emergency’ page of the website and on the school’s Facebook page.

Vital Equipment – not all learning can be done online

Please bear in mind that for some subjects not all of the work can be completed work on the computer. With this in mind, please ensure that you are well stocked with equipment you may need. 

On a basic level this will consist of a full pencil case consisting of blue and black pens, pencils, ruler, rubber and sharpener, plus plain paper and class workbooks (where used). It would also be beneficial if you could provide, colour pencils and pens. 

For those taking GCSE and A level Art and Design subjects, we would also recommend paints (watercolour and acrylic) and brushes. 

If you will have difficulty in providing the materials for Art and Technology, please email Mrs Brady ( 

Wellbeing and breaks

We are mindful of the wellbeing of our students and staff and understand that students are spending a great deal of time looking at the screen on their device. In relation to the school day, we intend to incorporate sensory breaks into each lesson of no more than 10 minutes per lesson, at the discretion of the teacher. During these breaks we would encourage students to stand up, stretch and move about.

Our qualified Psychologist and Adolescent Counsellor Jo Axon has produced a ‘Guide to Wellbeing’ booklet which can be accessed from the ‘Student Health and Wellbeing’ page of the website.

Reporting Absence

Although many of our students are working from home, parents and carers should still continue to notify the school if their child is unwell or has an appointment so that we know that the child will be absent from remote learning. The school Absence Line is still checked daily during term time, so voicemail can be left on 01992 581455 (option 2) at any time.

Reporting a positive test for Covid-19  

In the event of a student or family member testing positive for CV-19 please report this to the school. As a school we have a responsibility to report all positive cases within the school community to the Department of Education so that they can continue to assess the impact of the virus on education and student learning. This is essential for students who are learning remotely as well as those who are attending school on site; please send positive test results to .